My Right To Choose – I Choose Not To Be A Feminist On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day today this year has given me a range of mixed emotions.

While I absolutely and fully support any fight for equality in this world and have spoken on many occasions about women’s issues I have to say I feel quite detached and alienated from the women’s movement.

I was one of the lucky people in life, I was brought up in a household where being strong, confident, opinionated and ambitious was not only normal but celebrated. Continue reading

The image of insanity and the love of fat pants

By Tina Calder

Imagine the scene…I’ve tried on at least five dresses of which three I knew I hadn’t a hope in hell of fitting into even with the help of heavy plant machinery.

*Sigh* I exasperated as I imagined how my fully sequinned vintage number would look on me in a parallel universe whilst the voice inside my brain was exclaiming “what planet are you on you mad cat, you’re still the size you were last time you tried this dust collector on”. Continue reading