The bottom line

By Tina Calder

It would seem the issue of female nudity is still one of great controversy despite our forever widening goal posts of what’s appropriate.

Having been brought up by a well known women’s rights campaigner I grew up unashamed of my body and my femininity – despite the many stereotypes surrounding feminism.

I was proud of my womanhood, in fact celebratory at times because I had grown up believing I was an equal in our society.

In fact another older feminist once told me when I announced I wasn’t a feminist that she believed I was a post-feminist, a woman who had not necessarily conquered the physical inequalities but certainly the emotional and mental ones. I liked that tag, it suited me.

So when it comes to issues of female nudity I’m a firm believer of “if you’ve got it don’t be afraid to flaunt it”. I’m not saying every size ten, big chested woman should hit the streets half naked, I’m simply saying that if they choose to do so – let them. Similarly if anyone of any shape and size have a passion for skimpy tops and short skirts what business is it of mine.

I’m not one for getting my kicks from porn, but who am I to judge those who turn to glamour modelling or x-rated film as their choice of career.

As a young teenager I joined the fight for “A Woman’s Right To Choose” and just as I believe a woman has a right to have an abortion I believe she has the right to choose her own path in life regardless of how others perceive her.

A few weeks ago a mother had a photograph of a very tender moment of her breast feeding her baby on Facebook and, shockingly, it was removed for “nudity” and in the last week the internet has gone wild over Kim Kardashian’s well-oiled booty in a fun photoshoot aimed to stir controversy.

Kim has been lambasted, criticised and unfairly judged while advertisers like Calvin Klein can show half naked couples engaged in foreplay to advertise a perfume on daytime TV.

Kim is being called everything from a “publicity whore” and a “tramp” to a “disgrace” yet the Hollywood movie moguls are gearing up for the box office takings of the highly sexualised movie 50 Shades of Grey.

Coincidentally County Down star Jamie Dornan has appeared in both my examples…yet here at home in our little prudish Norn Iron we haven’t slapped him with a tramp stamp – no, we’ve elevated him to heart-throb status.

It’s absolutely disgraceful that in this day and age a shiny bum on a magazine page, shared freely across the internet could cause such a stir.

If I had Kim Kardashian’s body, confidence and agent I too might choose to take a leap of faith and strip bare…who knows?

So I ask, is there a difference between nude Renaissance art, Kim Kardashian’s nude magazine photo or a sexy video from a top pop star?

The only difference in my opinion is that high class nudity developed and produced by the rich and famous from nude Renaissance to Demi Moore’s pregnant Vanity Fair shoot is accepted and applauded while anything else aimed at anyone else will continue to be reviled and rejected.


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