Who wants to live forever?

By Tina Calder

There’s a fantastic drama series on at the minute called Forever starring the very lovely Ioan Gruffudd.

It has everything I love in a drama series – crime, forensics, detection, strong characters and an interesting back story.

Normally I just sit back and lose myself in a world of crime detection that I became interested in from a very young age from watching TV shows like Columbo and Murder She Wrote to playing Cluedo.

As I grew so did my fascination for crime detection – especially murder, progressing on to Forensic Files, Medical Detectives, Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds and many more. I began reading Patricia Cornwell and buying books upon books on the subject.

My natural curiosity is, I suppose some would say, irritating at times. So imagine my curiosity when the issue of living forever popped up.

What would it be like to have all the time in the world to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and more? How many wonderful things could you learn? And imagine seeing the world change century by century.

In the programme Forever, Ioan’s character is still as curious of the world as he always was but troubled by his everlasting past.

It made me think of the pitfalls, the negatives to my dream of becoming immortal and never having to fear the end of my life.

The obvious one is seeing your loved ones pass by and having to constantly adapt to new people, new ways, new times – I thought about it, I was still in the “live forever” camp.

I jest about being cryogenically frozen or bitten by an immortal creature but the reality is that deep down just as some girls wish they could be a princess even when they are 36 like me, I dream of living forever.

I keep asking myself why? But I don’t have the answer, I have no idea why this appeals to me – all I know is that it always has.

I believe in reincarnation and I believe we all have a purpose on this plain but I don’t know what drives me up want to stay.

I wouldn’t say I’ve lived a perfect life, I’ve had my ups and downs and I’ve come through every era of my life with a new and renewed enthusiasm for the next.

So what is it that truly appeals to me about living forever? Who knows? Maybe as I grow older in this life I will become less obsessed about how I can hold on to it and more excited about the next journey ahead.

(C) Tina Calder, 2014


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