When being too positive can make a negative

By Tina Calder

There’s nothing I hate more than people being negative just for the sake of it. And there’s nothing these people seem to hate more than encountering me.

When I was 13 I remember my grandmother Harriet Coleman telling me the secret to being positive and happy. She said: “If you wake up every morning and make the decision to be happy eventually you will wake up positive and happy every day.”

My granny was an amazing woman, she’s one of the people I miss daily in my life. She explained to me that eventually by making a conscious decision to have happiness and positivity in your life everyday you will train yourself to think more positively on a natural basis.

I was kind of lucky, I was relatively happy-go-lucky as it was but I tried her mad theory, I had nothing to lose but a sleepy passing thought as I woke to my yesterday’s future.

I don’t know when it happened but she was right. Instead of waking every morning thinking “oh no what do I have to do today” I wake to a little happy troupe of thoughts ready, willing and able to seize the day.

From the minute I wake I set myself up for heartbreak, disappointment and hurt. I open the door to my heart, mind, body and soul and wait for the signal to slam them shut when life gets just a bit too negative.

I’ve known, and know, people who are the complete opposite. They wake dreading the day ahead and torturing themselves with the negativity of the day before.

“People have to earn my trust” they exclaim.

“There’s no point getting excited about anything nobody cares” they groan.

“Why do you care so much” they snipe with bitter disdain.

Well I will tell you, because life on the positive side is much easier, it’s fun and most of all it’s leaves you with enough energy to attack the drudgery and malady of today’s growing army of hum drum glum heroes of the ‘incessant moan division’.

They say it takes more muscles to frown than smile and that just leaves me with a question – if these people are too damn lazy to bother seeing the wonder of our world why are they going to the trouble of frowning, seems like such a waste of their apathetic, snarly lives?

The army of hum drum glum heroes are forever charging at me armed with their snipey comments, rolling eyes, gasps to the ceiling and derisive looks.

But I have a weapon more powerful than they, for my weapon takes no effort and much less muscle power – a giggle and a laugh and a cheeky wee grin as I smirk to myself knowing my happiness is more irritating to them than their contempt is to me.

*she smiled*

(C) Tina Calder


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